Nurturing Your Mental Health Is Normal

Mental health is real. It’s as real as that sore knee or high cholesterol or pesky headache. It’s literally running your life, all the time, in endless ways. How you habitually think, what you focus on, what you believe is true, about life and yourself. This is all fluid, and changeable, if you pay attention. Mental health is not something you can prop up with pretty Instagram photos, or glam parties and social status. Not for long, anyway.

Now ask yourself one question: How is your mental health these days? What are your most dominant thoughts, the ones on loop? Make them conscious, by writing them down. Try come up with your Top 10 most frequent thoughts. Then look directly at them. These dominant thoughts are creative, of course. They literally come to life, somehow. How many of them lament that you’re not enough, don’t have enough, or lack something that ‘happy’ people have?

Some high profile documentaries out recently – including Selena Gomez’s “My Mind & Me” and Jonah Hill’s Stutz — shine a bright light on the fact that celebrity status, massive success and fame don’t automatically fuel and nurture one’s mental health. Having it all doesn’t remotely guarantee happiness and inner peace. The tragedy of Naomi Judd and more recently, Stephen “tWitch” Boss, brings this reality to vivid light.

So if you’re constantly struggling, hiding, coping or suffering with your own mind, conflicts, overthinking, judgments, and fears, you’re just being human, but you also have many options. Be the boss of soothing your own mind. You don’t have to suffer in silence, or shame, not anymore. Support and help is everywhere, relief is in sight. Ask for help. Reach out to a great therapist, or life coach, or anyone in the healing arts who appeals to you. Trust your intuition. Don’t wait. We all have limitless resources alive within us, and getting support can help you tap into that freedom alive within you. Don’t seek approval, seek support that resonates within you. Your loved ones, family, friends and everyone you know will benefit, too.

__ __ __

For a short time, I’m offering a complimentary, 30-minute coaching session, which is designed to result in real clarity and insight into how you can start to create more happiness, even after one session, and cultivate habits and healthier beliefs that naturally result in more peace, power, abundance and feeling good.

It’s easy: Just go HERE to fill out a brief inventory (it saves time), and HERE to contact me, to arrange the session. And read some testimonials HERE, because many clients have experienced life-changing results.

NOTE: If you’re already a wildly happy camper, firing on all cylinders, and crushing it, I say congrats to you, and please forward this to someone you know and love who’s not quite there yet.

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