It’s Time to Get Out of Your Own Way!


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So your first question is probably this: Who needs a life coach? The better question might be, who doesn’t? Because everyone from Hollywood A-list celebs and highly-successful executives, students and stay-at-home moms all turn to coaching to help them reach a specific goal, create more balance./satisfaction in life, or simply overcome that noisy, negative mind (we all can relate, right?) and feel GOOD and empowered in these crazy, chaotic times.

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But let’s be clear: Coaching isn’t about fixing or healing anyone; the whole point is, you already have what you need to heal yourself, liberate yourself, and open up to layers of yourself you didn’t know were there. This is how I would define a life transformation, and ANYONE can do it! But we all get stuck in a rut, or feel boxed in sometimes. This is what coaching can do; support you in getting UNSTUCK, and quiet that noisy, negative mind, and with that renewed clarity will come solutions, and maybe even profound healing.

I like to state with this question: if there were NO limits, and you could actually EXPERIENCE and CREATE your ideal life and self, what would it look and FEEL like? This open-minded inquiry is how transformation begins, and why coaching can be immensely valuable to anyone, at any stage of their life. You don’t have to be in chaos to benefit from coaching, you just have to yearn for change that “sticks” – to actually change your reality for the better.

Let me offer you another thought: It’s OK (and I’d say essential) to put your own well-being first; you’re of use to no one if you’re running on empty, resentful, angry or stressed out. Take care of you, whether that means getting a life coach, starting a fitness program, a meditation practice or just finding a hobby you love. Life is short. There are no guarantees. The time is now.

You can read more about my personal approach on my Coaching Agreement page, and to be clear, coaching is NOT therapy; we’re not going to go through your old ‘story’ (that’s for a trained therapist, I can refer you to some great ones if you like). Instead, coaching is about living in the NOW, and proactively creating the present and future you’ve dreamed of. It’s dynamic, free-flowing and astonishing work, so get ready for some of those Oprah-style ‘aha’ moments, and to tap directly into parts of yourself you didn’t know even existed. Scary stuff, but good stuff, too. Very good.

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“Working with Mitch has been tremendously helpful. I really do feel significant changes happening in my experience of the world, I’m more fulfilled, optimistic and far less stressed.” – Hadley Iacone, Manhattan


“I entered into my life coaching sessions with some trepidation.  But right from the first session with Mitch, my fears were put to rest. He has helped me to face my fears and overcome them, and Ive learned that I don’t need approval from the people in my life to be happy, and that I don’t need to justify myself to anyone. What a relief! I now have joy in my life every day and have learned to be gentle with myself.”  Polly Slezak, Amsterdam, NY