As a writer, I’ve been published in a wide variety of publications and websites, including: The New York Times, Los Angeles magazine, Business Week, Shape, Tennis, Men’s Fitness, Revolutionhealth.com, Pilates Life, Medical Tribune, Racquet Sports Industry, and Elliman.

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Here are some clips, focusing mostly on health and wellness.



  The New York Times  Business Week


  Men’s Fitness Tennis Magazine

‘Mitch has the intuitive ability identify the issues that are creating obstacles in your life. He provides practical actionable advice in a supportive and non-judgmental manner. Mitch truly has transformative gifts and abilities! – Jeannie Halpin, New York City


Mitch is an incredibly insightful life coach. During our session, he was supportive, patient and listened without judgement. He helped me to become aware of some long-standing patterns of behavior that I had never considered as major factors in my life choices. The tools he gave me have helped me to feel more confident about my ability to make positive changes in my life.   — Fiona McRobert, Los Angeles