Here’s a Quick, Easy Way to Stay Sane

I loathe forced positivity, or hollow advice to “think positive”. It doesn’t really work, have you noticed? Too often, forcing positivity when you’re stressed just creates failure and frustration.

Instead, the most effective thing I can think of as we socially distance and manage the anxiety of this corona pandemic is to live in the NOW. Right now, so this very second becomes your only focus. When you’re truly present, then you can introduce positive thoughts, ideas and feelings. Choose them deliberately and authentically. Find music you love, focus on your beloved pet or loved one, or a place you find safe and comfortable. Then, authentic positivity becomes more available. Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 1.30.50 PM

Since no one can truly predict the future, or control outside events, driving yourself nuts with fear is utterly useless—and you have the power to try something else. Choose to focus in on only now, imagine your spirit/energy/whatever you want to call it, surging strong, and remember all the things that you love, which can give you an immediate sense of joy no matter what’s on your Twitter feed.

Try it, just for 5 minutes, right now. (Or you can freak out, imagine the worst outcomes, and turn into a crazed beast, which won’t make things better, not even a little bit). Try focus on the now, right now. Reach out to support others, or ask for help if you need it. Download my free eBook, or get in touch with me here. Be safe and well, and in the now.

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