Beyond Politics: Creating Harmony in a World Gone Mad

Can a Trump voter live in harmony with a liberal? Can red and blue America truly find common ground in these trying times? These questions are even more pertinent given that the holidays (gasp!) are upon us.

But now that this agonizing election is behind us, I’m thinking it’s time to tackle this tricky topic, because I can answer with certainty – YES.

Controversial, I know!

In a nutshell, you CAN transcend politics, you CAN be happier and more harmonious now (no matter what your shows up on social media), and NO, you can’t wait to do this until the right party wins, or when things calm down. What if that magical day takes years to arrive? As always, our focus has to be on the NOW, and what we can do today.

In the last few days, despite the anger, toxicity and insanity surrounding all things politics — and I’ve felt plenty of that myself at times — I realize that through the use of relatively simple coaching tools, anyone can transcend these very real agonies.


Life is short, so can anyone really afford to put their life on hold until politics gets sorted out? Talk about a dead end!

What makes me so sure? The bottom line is, the human desire for greater joy, wellness and personal peace is universal, and doesn’t have a political party. We can all agree on that, right?

Like most of us, I’ve found it perplexing at times to realize that so many neighbors, friends, relatives and co-workers might have a wildly different view of our country or President than I do. It’s a temptation to run to avoid, shun or judge those people, and blame them for any anxiety or suffering that comes from our toxic politics in this country. At times, we rightfully feel out blood boil, and find the toxic levels of lying and corruption intolerable. I’ve been there, who hasn’t in the last few years, right?

But as I return each day to the basic principles of coaching work with my clients, I realize this work transcends politics (or any other topic, for that matter). I have learned that coaching exercises bring us to deep, more universal places, where we really ARE the same, because we all want more happiness, success, and love in our lives. Amidst the chaos and confusion, it gets really simple. All it takes is a willingness to try, to change, which goes far beyond today’s political winds.

Of course, we all have to address the negative blocks, resistance, anxieties and distortions that hold us back — and THOSE issues very likely have nothing to do with who you vote for — and I find that vastly encouraging in these unstable days. That work probably involves (pardon the pun) liberal doses of detachment and non-judgment, which is easier said than done, of course.

Without a doubt, we all need to stay active and involved in our duty as citizens to create a better country for everyone. But in the meantime, we have lives to live, goals to reach and moment-by-moment fulfillment to grab onto. Life is short, who can afford to put life on hold until politics gets sorted out?  Talk about a dead end!

With the arrival of the holiday season, we all probably will have to interact with various people who may offend our values as citizens and human beings. But as coaching reveals, the ultimate freedom from that angst comes from doing our work, and keeping politics in its proper context. I’ve seen it with others, and in myself. We all DO have the power to sit at a dinner table, or in a social gathering, and NOT be triggered by offensive points of view, and that work isn’t in changing the other person. It’s all about taking charge of yourself.

That MIGHT ultimately mean, you just don’t hang out with people you find toxic to your beliefs. Fair enough. But when you DO have to — family dinners, work parties, etc. — discovering ways to feel SO good, and secure in your own worth, that other people’s anger and discontent dissolves at your feet, is what I call real power. I want more of that, don’t you?

This power doesn’t mean you’ll ever have to compromise core beliefs, morals, and tolerate what you view as bad or offensive behavior. But this power also means that all of us, beneath whatever comfortable armor we may have around our political identities, can reach higher levels of happiness, peace, joy and success, regardless of the latest political chaos around us.

Want to learn more about creating this kind of freedom in your life? For a complimentary, 30-minute coaching session, GO HERE and let’s get started! Here are some testimonials and additional blog posts, too.

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