Coaching: IS Being Happier Now A Worthwhile Goal?

Would you like to be happier than you are right now? What a question, right?

At one time, I perceived coaching to be mostly about focusing on creating more material success, more money, climbing the ladder, etc. But I was wrong. Going on the coaching journey isn’t about creating a perfect life. More than ever, I believe it’s about creating more real happiness and fulfillment–right now. With life so fleeting and short, isn’t being happier now what it’s really all about?

Experiencing the turmoil, unpredictable events and chaos in the last year or so has had a profound affect on so many of us. We’ve realized that what’s most elusive these days is not about stuff: Moment to moment peace, joy, and personal happiness—which is different for each of us—is what seems most elusive.

If you’re willing to give up some of that time spent doomscrolling on social media, or obsessing over what’s wrong or missing in your life, press pause and have a personal, guided tour of what’s working — and what’s not — when it comes to being a HAPPIER you, right now, then read on.

NOTE: If you’re already a wildly happy camper, firing on all cylinders, and crushing it, I say congrats to you, and please forward this to someone you know and love who’s not quite there yet.

For a short time, I’m offering a complimentary, 30-minute coaching session, which is designed to result in real clarity and insight into how you can start to create more happiness, even after one session, and cultivate habits and healthier beliefs that naturally result in more peace, power, abundance and joy.

It’s easy: Just go HERE to fill out a brief inventory (it saves time), and HERE to contact me, to arrange the session.

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